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Esther wrote a guide to the fitting of pointe shoes called "Pointe Shoe Secrets". The book was self published and only financially possible because of Evi Juon, Esther's sister. Evi is a graphic designer in Switzerland and kindly put the book together at an affordable cost. The book was launched at the Dance World Exhibition in 1995. The book is now out of print and Esther is currently working on a new, updated version which should be available in 2006/7.
Pointe Shoe Secrets
is now out of print.

A new book is due 2006/7

Esther started to write articles for the dance Magazines and this lead to her and Lucy being invited to lecture on the subject of feet and Pointe shoes throughout the UK. During this period, Esther gained a clear picture of what was happening up and down the country. Sadly she realised that there is no principal of Pointe shoe fitting in place. She discovered that there is a great need to concentrate awareness of how to protect young dancers' feet. This will require a major rethinking and retraining of teachers, pupils, parents and ultimately, fitters of Pointe shoes.