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Esther Juon

Esther Juon is a BBO ballet teacher and an expert Pointe shoe fitter. Esther ran her own Pointe shoe fitting centre in England for the last 20 years. She is a member of Dance UK and IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science). She has been working closely for several years with a Physiotherapist and a Podiatrist. Her work as a Pointe shoe fitter looks at the basic anatomy of the foot and how to support the foot anatomically correctly on pointe. She is concerned with the physical development of the dancer, the strength, placement and the alignment of the dancerís body as well as the preparation of the dancerís feet for pointe work.

Fitting & Lecturing

In 1995 Esther travelled to Moscow to fit Pointe shoes for Grishko to Bolshoi Ballet Company dancers. Esther presented her work at a special conference held at the Dance Magazine in Moscow. It was attended by the medical doctor of the Bolshoi Theatre and  the ballet teachers from the top schools in Moscow.. In recognition of her contribution to the safe fitting of pointe shoes, Esther was awarded a Special Diploma by the Diaghilev Association in Moscow in October 1995.

Esther has fitted dancers from the English National Ballet in London. She has given lectures at BBO and R.A.D. regional teacherís courses in London and Dublin. She ran many workshops for individual ballet schools and the Londonís Children Ballet. She also ran training courses for Grishko Pointe shoe stockists and fitters. Her great commitment and interest lies with the young dancer.

Over the years, Esther's method of fitting pointe shoes has evolved and now combines relevant anatomical education, a full assessment of the dancer's strength with advice on corrective exercises, precise fitting and information on preparation and care of the shoes after class.


Esther wrote her first book "Pointe Shoe Secrets" published in 1995 (now sold out). She is currently writing a second book which is a complete fitting manual for Demi Pointe and Pointe Shoes and also looks at the shared responsibility of the teacher, dancer, parent and the fitter, to greatly reduce injures to young dancersí feet. Her articles have been published in the Young Dancer Magazine, Dancing Times and European Dance News. Her work was presented and received with great interest at the IADMS conference in October 2000.

Esther is married to a New Zealander and moved with her husband Fergus to New Zealand in October 2005.

Pointe Shoe Secrets is now Out of Print ---->

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