Esther was born and raised in Switzerland. She trained in classical ballet with Armin Wild and the Opera House Ballet in Zurich where she danced with the company for one season.. In 1972 she went to London for further training with Rambert and the then Dance Centre in Covent Garden. A fall while training brought her professional carer to an abrupt end. After an operation and learning to walk again she returned seven years later to ballet as a teacher. She opened her first Ballet school in Crawley, Sussex, England and in 1985 moved to Brighton where she became a registered BBO teacher. She opened Dance Laines Ballet School and Pointe Shoe Fitting Centre in January 1985. She built up the reputation of her ballet school and became renowned for her structured adult ballet classes. She ran Dance Laines for 20 years before moving to New Zealand.

Esther Juon

1985  Attended all the Pointe shoe fitting courses given in London by GAMBA, PORSELLI, and FREED.

1995  Published her first Pointe shoe fitting book "Pointe Shoe Secrets"

1995  Received BBO Associate Teaching Diploma

1995  Fitted Pointe shoes to the Bolshoi Company and lectured in Moscow

1995  Received Diagileve Diploma for safe fitting of Pointe shoes (Moscow)

1996 - 2005  Published various articles on feet and Pointe shoes

1996 -          Lectured to BBO, RAD, ISTD, London Children's Ballet and Pointe shoe fitters.

1996  Started research into Pointe shoes with Dr. Lucy Redhead (physiotherapist & lecturer in biomechanics)

1997  Became a member of Dance UK

1999  Became a member of IADMS (International Association of Dance, Medicine and Science

1999  Esther's work was presented at IADMS through Dr. Lucy Redhead

2001  Designed a physical assessment of the dancer prior to fitting in conjunction with podiatrist Helen Morrell

2004  Received new BBO teaching qualification, QCA

2005  Moved to New Zealand to continue her work